BMS Basic Course: “Combinatorics”
Summer Term 2007


Prof. GŁnter M. Ziegler

Tel. 314-25730 ziegler(at)

Dr. Carsten Schultz

Tel. 314-24604

Mon 8:30-10:00

MA 551 Start: April 16

Mon 12:00-13:30

MA 550

Wed 14:15-15:45

MA 144

Thu 12:15-13:45

MA 649



A regularly updated overview of the covered material is available as a PDF file.

This is a Basic Graduate Course on Combinatorics/Discrete Mathematics

Topics include: Counting combinatorial objects; the twelve-fold way; bijections; recursions; basic graph theory; basic extremal set theory; posets and lattices; generating functions; an introduction to the probabilistic method; linear algebra methods; other methods

This is a Berlin Mathematical School Basic Course, and will thus be taught in English.

Discrete Mathematics is a wonderful part of mathematics — a few decades ago it was just “a bag of elementary tricks”, but it has developed into a broad network of theories and tools that provide firm foundations for the solution of the “discrete problems” that lie at the heart of so many classical and current mathematical investigations.

The goal of this course will be to provide you with a broad overview – and with a firm, concrete “working knowledge” on basic combinatorial principles, tools, methods, theories, and results.


Basic linear algebra, basic calculus.


This is also the first course of the “Discrete Structures” course series. It will be continued by Graph Theory course (Discrete Structures II) by S. Felsner, Winter term 07/08.

Problem sets

#problemsissue date hand in date note
1 PDF April 17 April 25/26 machine solution for problem 2
2 PDF April 24 May 2/3
3 PDF May 1 May 9/10
4 PDF May 8 May 16/17
5 PDF May 15 May 23/24
6 PDF May 22 May 30/31
7 PDF June 5 June 13/14
8 PDF June 19 June 27/28
9 PDF June 28 July 4/5
10 PDF July 3 July 11/12